Sell and rent your real estate to Russian investors.

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Sell and rent your real estate to Russian investors.

Postby Markus » 04 Jan 2010, 16:01

Target Russian Clients! Sell and rent your property to Russian investors. Find Russian partners.
Properties and worldwide agencies listed on the portal have a Russian version presented in the Russian portal http://www.Immobilis.Ru , members of International Multi-language Real Estate Portal Network.
International Real Estate Agent (agency) or Private Individual, you are willing to target Russian Clients ? We offer you effective strategy to sell or rent your properties to Russian investors.

Why Russian Clients ?

Since 1995 Russian never stopped investing in foreign real estate. Sometimes their activity, although increasing, remain slow but only to jump more a few weeks later.
If you analyze carefully Russian investors activity information, It is obvious that it shows a good growth potential for the coming years. What is really interesting in Russian investors behavior is that in crisis time Russian investors will focus more on international real estate investments ,because they need to diversify their investments, and foreign real estate is a much more secure investment than the local one, Russia being pretty dependent on exportations. Therefore Russian economy is a bit more fragile in those difficult times .
Find out more information about Russian investors in our special topic.

If you have a property for sale or rent and wish to develop your real estate business internationally, don’t miss the chance to target Russian clients on short or long term basis.

Why with us ?

- Information presented in Russian language is not only translated by our administration team. It is also adapted to Russian clients for more attractiveness on our Russian portals.
- Russians portals propose the same services as this one, but slightly different and adapted to Russian visitors and members demands.
- One main advantage for Russian buyers and sellers, as well as for all users of different multi-language portals of Immobilis&Co Network is that it is specified that under no circumstances we interfere in deals between buyers and sellers. We do not charge interest or charge any money for completed deals.
- In order to get more information, Russian clients can contact estate agents or private individuals directly. They can also contact portal free hotline service.
- International Real Esate agents will be able to establish commercial contacts with interested Russian parties. Use our free press-release publication service for that purpose.
- Russian portals are managed by a Russian professional team, specialized in real estate business as well as in the field of online and offline communication. That is why the Russian portals appears in the top of results of all the Russian Web search engines (,,, , etc) and cooperate with other Russian web projects to offer the opportunity to increase potential buyers’ interest. It means to get maximum property offers visibility for your potential clients, users of the Russian Web.
We also continue non-stop Online Advertising Campaigns in Russian web search engines and portals.

Our project aims at Internet users of all countries from the former Soviet Union, such as : Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. That is to say a total population of more than 300 million people. We shouldn’t forget some 20 millions active Russian speaking Internet users, who live outside the former Soviet Union.
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Re: Sell and rent your real estate to Russian investors.

Postby stegner00 » 05 May 2010, 03:52

Are the Russian laws strict on foreigners who are planning to invest in a property in the country ? I'd like to know.
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Re: Sell and rent your real estate to Russian investors.

Postby Sophie » 13 Aug 2010, 22:16

International Real Estate multi-language listings.
Properties for sale and rent by Owners and Agents. ... ngs-1.html
Real Estate buyers and rentals Demands from around the world. ... ngs-1.html
Worldwide International Real Estate Agents listings. ... s-1lu.html
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Re: Sell and rent your real estate to Russian investors.

Postby pixxiepie » 12 Feb 2011, 05:02

[quote="stegner00"]Are the Russian laws strict on foreigners who are planning to invest in a property in the country ? I'd like to know.[/quote]

I don’t have any idea about the laws of Russia. But I think they are not strict and foreigners are open and welcome in investing property as long as they can afford it. It will also help their economy to increase. So it is their advantage to the other country.
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Re: Sell and rent your real estate to Russian investors.

Postby erincaroll » 19 Mar 2012, 07:12

From last 1 year I am trying to sell my houses that are located at fertile fenced plot at 1 ml. from railway station Kizlyar, Russia,but I am unable to sell them..May be I actually am not much expertised in selling homes..So I need your help..Can you help me in selling my houses??
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