Russian search engines are the most popular in only

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Russian search engines are the most popular in only

Postby russian » 04 Jan 2010, 14:32

The basic search engines of the world Internet - Google, Yahoo!, MSN - are seriously eyeing the Russian Internet segment for the game is worth the candle. The Russian web market is interesting for the West from the commercial point of view, general director of the biggest Russian search portal Yandex Arkadi Volozh told the press conference. Growth is noted in every segment of the Russian Internet. The volume of Internet adverts in 2007 increased by 90 percent to 240 million dollars.
So far, the Russian search engines are the most popular in only In the figures of the Russian monitoring agency SpyLog, in 2007 Yandex accounted for 50 percent of all the requests of users, followed up by with 25 percent, Russian-speaking Google being the third with 12 percent.
"Google, MSN and Yahoo! have already beaten the European portals", Mr. Volozh noted. "They may well occupy the Russian market but we are not sitting on our hands". The Russian search portals have interesting unrivalled ideas and developments.
Every month Yandex presents about 850 million pages for 16 million users, 80 percent of which are found in Russia. In 2007 the portal's incomes increased ten times in comparison with 2005, making up 57 million dollars. At that, 75 percent of the sum the biggest Russian searcher earned from search advertising, which has only recently become a sustainable business model.
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